Workia is a technology and services organization for the organizational world.

The company proposes an avant-garde approach, based on world-class products and services at competitive costs with the latest technology and proven and guaranteed management by operations throughout Latin America and the United States.





World-class solutions at competitive prices.

The system for the future world of work is, today, within the reach of all organizations and professionals.

HCwork is a comprehensive HR management system, which uses leading technology.

  • 100% cloud, with mobile access.
  • Self-service for employees in their different modules.
  • Agile implementation. No dependency on consulting.
  • High impact reporting system, customizable.
  • Access methodologies and cost on demand, you only pay for what you use.
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HCpay is your strategic ally in payroll management, providing a comprehensive Outsourcing Service, or focusing on your specific needs:

  • Payroll process and deposit service
  • Income Tax
  • Accounting entries
  • Legal and special reports

We currently work with more than 20 companies, processing more than 80,000 annual settlements for more than $ 1,500,000,000 for personnel outside and within the union agreement, with a high level of performance.

We adapt to the needs and particularities of each activity, for large companies or SMEs.

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EVA is a Virtual Interviewer who, through its technology based on Artificial Intelligence, evaluates competencies in hierarchical applicants, as well as non-hierarchical ones, given its range of 8 competencies to be measured.

  • Allows you to create remote interviews, optimizing and providing greater precision to the selection processes.
  • Evaluates up to 8 competencies such as Communication, Leadership Capacity, Proactivity, Tolerance to frustration, among others.
  • Provides a report of results by competence based on a 5-point Likert Scale.
  • Has 100% mobile, agile and intuitive interface.

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PARSER has different algorithms and Artificial Intelligence techniques that allow identifying the elements of a Resume to convert it into analytical information, facilitating the search for candidates.

  • Allows to identify a Resume in different formats: .doc, .pdf, .txt, .jpg, among others.
  • Allows to digitalize a Resume on paper through a photo, converting it into analysis information.
  • Identifies company names, fields and academic institutions.
  • Analyzes positions, hierarchies, task descriptions and technical and management skills.

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With a presence and reach throughout Latam, we propose innovative solutions adaptable to different cultures and industries that allow us to provide an excellent service throughout the region.

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