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Become a partner of Workia, the fastest growing Human Resources technology company in Latin America.

Our program has different scopes and characteristics according to the profile and interest of our strategic partner: it allows you to enhance your business and brand, add new lines of business with significant benefits, in an agile and sustainable way, enjoying an end to end commercial life cycle.

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Global leader in innovative solutions in Human Resources that enhance the success of your business for more than 70 years and worldwide presence.


GDM helps companies to improve their payroll and human resource management processes with consulting and specialized software.


With More than 20 years in the outsourcing service and people management , we are oriented to provide comprehensive and flexible solutions, generating strategic value to our clients.


Since 1993, it has provided first-rate and certified solutions. technological solutions support a wide variety of and currently has hundreds of clients positioning itself as a leader in the software industry in Paraguay.

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